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Friday, February 19, 2010


An excellent movie, with an excellent message. This happens to be one of my favorite movies. I can watch this movie over and over again and not get tired of it. I recommend this movie. It makes so many good points. Kadyn will watch this movie too and listen to the music. If anyone hasn't seen it I won't give any of it away! It is very hard to find this movie in stores, but you may be able to find it at your local Christian Store. I got mine from Family Christian Store.

Kadyn was in such an amazing mood today. It made me soo happy. He was talkative and he sat in his chair for hours like a good boy while I helped out by cleaning the house. We were having company and my sister had to work late so I had to pick my niece up from her school dance and take her half way to meet her dad in Michigan. So I decided to clean up since she wouldn't have time to. Kadyn was a champ! I am proud. Since he started this new diet he has become more talkative and active. He is trying to do more and playing with toys more. He is starting to really improve. We are working on him getting more strength in his neck. Every time we got him almost holding his head up a seizure knocks him back. I swear if he didn't have these terrible seizures he would be doing a lot better. He is slowly going to be taken off his medication. The goal is in 10 weeks to see no seizures of a decrease in them. If there is either of those we will take him off one medication at a time. By a year he should be medication free. Which would be wonderful. As long as he is seizure free for two years we will take him off the diet and he should be cured of his seizures. So the hope is that this works. I am hopeful!

Kadyn's smile is addictive...anyone else agree?


Barb said...

I agree his smile is so addictive and so very cute!

Kristen said...

Yes, he has one of the best smiles ever!!

heather.parks said...

Every time I have a bad day, I try to look at his picture on my phone. I love his smile and love fireproof