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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kadyns dog

Kadyn's dog Korona is so sweet. Whenever Kadyn is sick, she does not leave his side. Also whenever he is dripping food down his face she is right there to lick it up! Such a big helper haha! She did scare me this morning. I normally let her out the front door here at my sisters because she really doens't going anywhere but outback to play with the animals, so she didn't come home for hours. I was so scared that I had lost Kadyn's dog. I had went outside and she was curled up with my sisters big dogs. haha! Well as Soon as she came in, licking Kadyn was her first thing.
Kadyn does not like any other dog licking him but Korona. It's so weird. The night that I left here at 3am to take Kadyn back to Michigan, Korona was restless, she kept pacing back and forth between me and Kadyn. Thankfully I took Kadyn when I did.

This diet has done wonders. I have a brand new baby! Kadyn is so talkative and Happy. I love it.
Well I am going to end this post with a pile of Puppies


heather.parks said...

She's so sweet. I love that she's there for him like that. she's his protector. :) You're such a good momma