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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello everyone!

Kadyn is currently down. With the snow here in Michigan coming down a lot and almost everyday since we been back, his head is all messed up. Kadyn is very sensitive to change of weather. His body reacts to this as if it was a shunt malfunction, but it's not. I have come to learn this with all my worries and taking him to the hospital. I am starting to finally "wait" things out. Although it's hard to, I have learned that I need to calm down, especially when the weather is bad. Kadyn has slept pretty much all day today but, it's been storming. Although he has been sleepy the past few days, when we need to go visit family we have been going. Although if Harvey wasn't home I normally wouldn't do this, I think the fresh air kinda helps him. He needs it. I want to take him sledding. Maybe later he will wake up more. Sledding can be dangerous yes, but I want to treat my son as though he is just like any other child, because he is, with just some extra plumbing in him. =D Plus I am not going to take him down the biggest hill, just a small one. I think he will like it =D. Pictures of that to come!

The last couple days have been go go go. I haven't really gotten any pictures yet, but I will. I really will. I have time right now to update because I am doing laundry and letting Kadyn get some rest until he move on to the next place we have to go. Although it's been a lazy day we have a lot of family to see.

I hope to get a good family picture of Kadyn, Harvey and me. Harvey's grandma is going to take us out to dinner. Any place we want. Harvey chose Famous Dave's. It is our favorite place to eat here. Although we never got to eat it very often because it is a little out of our budget, but on specail days like my birthday and Valentines Day he would always put extra money aside to make sure we went there. =D Although this Valentines Day we didn't get to because he was gone.

Well, I am going to go eat Chinese Food, and finish Laundry.


Kristen said...

The first chance I can get, I'm taking Cayman sledding. I've been waiting all winter for this but every time we had a good snow fall, something came up. Either we were sick, busy, or the snow was melting too quickly. Hopefully we'll be able to get there out soon. :)

I look forward to seeing your pictures.

Kristen said...

Ooops, I turned a couple words around.

That should read "hopefully we'll be able to get out there soon."

Sara said...


Even though you turned a couple words around I still read it as though you typed "hopefully we'll be able to get out there soon" lol!