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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ahhhh, Boys and thier video games

Harvey and his brother Josh are playing the xbox 360. Kadyn is hanging out on a inflatable bed rolling around, and I am sitting on a couch with his brothers dog(rat) Trex. Sounds like a good time. (NOT!) I am actually bored out of my mind. Kadyn isn't feeling good and just wants to be left alone. I had to give him Tylenol a couple times today. I am wondering if he has a headache. I wish he could tell me. He has eaten a lot today, a lot more then any other day. So I am hopeful it isn't his shunt. Then again I still have my worries. No fever though. Tonight I am going to attempt to cut his nails while he sleeps. I am going to try and get him to fall asleep on the floor and then clip his nails before I put him to be. I am hoping to be able to do this. His nails hurt. I am always scared to clip them. So they grow and he never scratches himself but always me. I have scratches all over my nose and neck. I don't have any pictures as I forgot my camera today, but there isn't much going on in order to get nice pictures and with Kadyn's mood I'd be lucky to even get a smile.

My mom bought Kadyn a new pair of shoes. She got them from Kmart. Kadyn's feet have started to grow again, and quickly. He is between a 3 and a 4. I told my mom a size 3 for Kadyn because I figured since is Nike shoes were a 3 that these shoes would fit. Boy was I wrong. I couldn't get his feet in those no matter what. So I took them back today for a size 4. I really think these shoes are cute. Of course I looked around and noticed all the shoes I really like where toddler shoes and that Kadyn just wasn't in toddler sizes yet. I can not believe he is still considered an infant size! He is my tiny cutie!

Kadyn is playing really good by himself. As long as we don't bug him right not he is happiest. I hope his mood has changed by tomorrow.


Kristen said...

I think Kadyn has more pairs of shoes than I do, with all those he got for Christmas and now these. I guess with feet that grow quickly they need 'em all huh. :)

Cayman's a little peanut too. She's just starting into size 3 shoes. I wonder if lack of walking makes the feet grow slower. (lol) sounds funny doesn't it, but yet it is interesting that all other little toddlers I know that are walking around have two times bigger feet than our kiddos.

I hope you can find a cure for your boredom.