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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just Kadyn and Me

Kadyn's daddy decided he wanted to spend today with his buddys, which he deserves a day to spend with his friends before he leaves. Today was not productive at all. Other than watching the house 3 doors down burn and hoping it doesn't travel this way. Which thankfully it didn't. A wonderful police officer who has come here before answering Kadyn's 911 call, knocked on the door to inform me to get things ready just incase it travels here. How sweet. Well thankfully they put the fire out in record time!

I would dislike having to pack up 3 dogs, a cat, a bunny, and a bird along with Kadyn. That would be rough!

Today I have been on my toes with Kadyn. He has been acting funny the past few days. He has been very moody and sleepy. The only thing that keeps him happy is giving him Tylenol because I think he may have a headache.

I have posted a few pictures above. If you look at Kadyn and then Harvey, you can see how much Kadyn is starting to look like his daddy! It's just crazy how much children change their looks.

I really have nothing to blog about. Things have been pretty boring here today. Hmmm....


Kristen said...

I can definitely see Harvey in him now, but he still strongly favors you in looks. You can tell he's your boy, that's for sure!