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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brand New Day, Better Start

I left last night for a few hours, I had to do some laundry so I could have clean clothes. My mom ended up taking me out for Taco Bell, and we went shopping while I was doing laundry. I came back to a brand new baby. He was still sleeping but his oxygen levels where 100% and staying there!

So I woke up this morning and he is talking, playing, laughing, and cooing. WHAT! They fixed him :). My heart is so relieved to know that he is all better! This is the Kadyn I love and know. I love him either way but this, this right here makes me think that God truly has his hand on him! Although I thought this whole time it was his EVD, I think it was because he hadn't passes stool in over a week, and I think while I was gone, well the nurses got a lovly diaper full. Kinda glad I wasn't hear for that!(haha)

So the plan is Monday start talking about putting his shunt back in. Since he is feeling better possibly be sometime next week! How exciting! I really cant wait to go home. We have been here too long now. Monday will be 7 days, Thursday will be 10, my goal is to be home before easter! Hopefully we can make that goal!

Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers, they truly worked out great!!


Kristen said...

One of my mom's co-workers (both are nurses) use to have this saying for her patients that went, "do you feel droopy, maybe you need to poopy." :) I guess in Kadyn's case that was true for him. Glad he's feeling better. I know how that makes both kid and mommy feel better.