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Friday, March 19, 2010

Emotions are running in circles!

Today has been a terrible day for Kadyn and myself, but mostly for Kadyn. Kadyn woke up at 8am, screaming bloody murder. I just thought he had a bad dream. I consoled him until he went back to sleep, and so I decided it would be a good idea to just sleep too. Well we woke up at 11am, same thing screaming crying, and the bottle wouldn't even console him, and then he gave me THE SIGN! He started hitting his head screaming OWE! Now this was both a proud and scary moment as Kadyn has never ever said OWE! I didn't know if I should be happy because he can tell me, or sad because I knew what that meant. So I packed things up and headed to the Neurosurgery office. They saw he was screaming and crying and yelling owe while hitting his head, so they did a shunt series (head, chest and abdomen x-ray) and a CT scan on his head. All came back showing no change, so since he was doing so terrible she decided to do a Shunt-O-gram. This is when they put a dye into the shunt and take x-rays to see it's flow. This also involves tapping of his shunt, which was also a good idea to me. She tapped his shunt and there was no pressure, she said this could mean his pressure is really low, which doesn't mean it's a bad thing or it could mean his shunt isn't working. So then she collected CSF samples, although the likely hood of Infection is very very rare, she still did. Then she pumped the dye into his shunt. The first set of x-rays they do right away, within a minute, and that looked good. They then wait 15 minutes to see if the dye is gone, that would mean the shunt is working, well after 15 minutes they took more x-rays and the dye was still in his shunt. So she said ok, one more time, wait 3 minutes, and well the dye was still in his shunt. So back to the clinic we went. She came in and just said surgery tomorrow 7:30am. Sooo, sorry. So here we are at Children's awaiting Kadyn's 12th shunt surgery. The weird thing is that, I am beginning to think that Kadyn understands a lot more than we think, because as soon as she said surgery he perked right up as to say, I finally got my point across. Now Kadyn has two catheters in his head. So this means either one or both of them could be blocked or even partially blocked. She said that either way the best thing to do is replace it because it's just going to get worse. The only thing I do not like about this is, one surgery always leads to another. He gets infection so easily. I am scared. I wanted to cry at so many times but just couldn't. I just held myself together. Well I think I should get some sleep as I am going to be up early for surgery! YUCK!

Please pray my son, and pray for the surgeon!


tiaraaa said...

hello Kadyn and his mommy! I am Tiara from Indonesia :) Well, I am a big fan of 2 of you. Kadyn is a very very brave and strong little boy, and Kadyn's mom is super strong too! I know that Kadyn will doing great in the surgery. Good luck :) I always pray for you my brave and strong boy!

Kristen said...

I'll be praying. So sorry you're back in that again!

KajnBlonde said...

I am sending thought, prayers and many hugs your way to get Kadyn and you through this.