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Monday, March 29, 2010

Kadyn the Superman

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross, and follow me.

~ Matthew 16:24

Today Kadyn slept a lot because he decided to party last night. I decided to leave and do my Easter shopping. I love shopping right before Easter, although most stuff is picked over, everything is on sale. I am such a bargain shopper. I got Kadyn a cute Easter basket with a brown bunny and sidewalk chalk. Don't tell anyone that the chalk is really for me. (lol) It came with some candy too. It doesn't feel like it's 930pm already. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I wish it was Thursday. I feel as though I have lived here my whole life now. The nurses are so great here and will stay here and have conversations with me because they know that Kadyn doesn't get many visitors. So it was nice to get away, but I am most likely going to be here until discharge, which I am hoping that is Saturday. I hope and pray, I pray so much that there isn't another infection. I am so scared that I am doing something wrong but I can't figure out what it is. I know there is no avoiding it but I really do not want to come back to this place.

I am very happy that nurses tend to come to me to show student nurses how to dot he EVD'S. I think it's a compliment because Kadyn is such a good baby when it comes to them. Some kids get really scared but can you blame them? Kadyn will lay there and flirt. I think it's awesome that student nurses want to learn about them. Although we all agree that Kadyn knows more than anyone but he doesn't tell his secrets lol!

The nurses here are just wonderful. They are so sweet and caring. They are willing to sacrifice things and just put themselves and their jobs on the line when it comes to your child's care. There is just so much good that I can say about these nurses. None of them are rude, and when they all know Kadyn and they all want to talk and play with him it's amazing! Kadyn is such a trooper when it comes to all of this. Although he gives them a hard time during vitals (singing when listening to him, kicking the BP cuff off, and moving around so much) he really just smiles and makes their day. They don't get angry or frustrated and tell me it is okay that they will try again, and if they don't get it what can they do.

Neurosurgery Team is the best, they don't wake us up unless it's an emergency. They will let us sleep and if anything changes they will just come back when we are awake. I love it. They don't need to touch him or assess him at all. Just come in say hi and just let us know that they haven't forgotten about us! Really it's amazing. They listen to my suggestions and tell me reasons why it wouldn't work and so on.

Kadyn's 2nd EVD has been off for 2 days and he has done amazing! His attitude has just been awesome! I am glad he will not need that second catheter! They will put an ICP monitor in his head though just to make sure. Which requires no surgery to take out and no stitches after.

Love Love Love!

Kadyn is such a good boy and such a strong boy. He is just a fighter and he won't let this bump get him down, and I need to learn from him. I need to live for the moment and not fear tomorrow. I will get this down. Kadyn has taught me so much and it amazes me!


Michelle said...

I'm sooo happy to hear that Kadyn is doing better. Even happier that he's going down to one catheter! I am curious about the ICP though, I've never seen one. Does it go through the skin? How does it work? If you're feeling up to it, how about educating us on it? Take a picture or two, and send it to me with any instructions that the docs give you, a make and model number would be cool too and I'll post it on the website and give it a permanent home in the glossary. You don't have to of course, but you're good at learning about these things for Kadyn so I thought I'd ask. Mostly though, I'm just really glad he's feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to here Kadyn is doing so much better. I know this might strange but if you still need help saving for kadyn's carseat I would like for you to email me at so maybe I could help so many people have helped me with my little boy who has some special changles my name is Amy Smith

Dan D. said...

To Kadyns mother--don't fool yourself--the student nurses want to watch your egg headcause they need the training and experience, not because your little alien is behaved and "flirts"--that's disgusting. You know that they just feel sorry for him (and you, I'm sure) because he is one disgusting little man, although I find you more disgusting, as you are the epitome of low class, below average intelligence, unaware, if-it's-free-its-for-me mentality that is what's so wrong with this country. Blogging about freebies with your stupid observations just shows how pathetic you are. Have a good day.