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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Playing outside!

Today was an amazing day! Before I get to all the new awesome news, let me give you some kind of worrying news.

Last night around 2am, Kadyn woke up and GASP for air, moved a little then went back to sleep. In the morning I called and requested for an appointment to see the pediatrician. I don't know if he had one episode of Apnea, but this isn't anything I am going to let blow over.


How about some good news and cute pictures?

Today I took Kadyn to the park and then came home and laid a blanket outside and we played. I decided to let my bunnies outside to play also, they stayed really close to Kadyn. It was cute and so I took pictures. Kadyn loved being outside. He played so much and was amazing to watch him love it!On our way to the park, I stopped and got A&W. He was flirting with the waitress!

Kadyn was outside playing with Mr. Bunny, he loved it!

He is sooo flexable!

We played peek-a-boo

He also played with Hershey.

Today was a good day. He was so worn out he went to sleep around 8pm. Well then he got woken up from my parents dogs barking, so I gave him a bottle and trying to see if he will go back to sleep. Hopefully he does because I am already, ready for bed. haha!

Don't ya just love his messy hair!

Don't forget to donate to Kadyn's Miracle Mile! We are walking for a cure!