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Friday, April 30, 2010

2 walks 1 day

So I decided to take Kadyn up to the beautiful Elizabeth Park. Ya, he totally feel asleep. I thought the park would be more interesting then walking up to the Ice cream shop, seeing as he isn't allowed to have ice cream, he doesn't like it anyways.

Well today began my new weight loss plan. See before I had Kadyn I weighed, 30 pounds less then what I do now. This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile but just, was, well, honestly, too lazy. Monday I go and pick up a jogging stroller that someone is giving to me! YAY! I walked 2 miles at the park, which is one circle around the park, and then we walked to the ice cream shop which is 10 city block walk, (5 there, 5 back) I also made a new blog because I heard making a blog/journal really helps. So I did.

My goal, which is kinda easy, is to lose 37lbs by Jan 12 2010. I started a website and it gives me a lot of neat exercises to do and healthy reciepes.
If you would like to go to my exercise blog, do so here. Feel free to leave advice ect.

Anyways, back to my walk!
I took some nice pictures of Kadyn on our way to the ice cream place and also while we were playing outside!

Also Kadyn went through 3 outfits today!!! First one he some how peed outside his diaper, second one was ok but had to change to the third one because it got a little chilly.


Anonymous said...

I love your posts. I know at times it's hard for us to get together and chat and it makes me feel included still and like I'm there. I love the pictures too.

You can do it hon, you can. (see how now the shoe is on the other foot and I'm cheering you on, ha ha ha) I know it and two walks, that's awesome and so crazy... wait why am I talking about crazy walking.. ha haha

Caroline P. said...

Wow, your son is soo cute i can't even rate how high the cutness is!!! i'm still praying for him!

Jennifer said...

I just watched one of your youtube videos, and it led me to look up your blog. Your son is absolutely so handsome. I will be praying for him! He looks like such a happy boy!!