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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kadyn+rain= Crabby Toddler

Kadyn is not fond of the rain. He gets terrible headaches and feels terrible. There isn't anything I can do to stop his crying. He doesn't like to be held so all I can do is lay with him while he struggles through the pain. I give him Tylenol and I just rub him down until he calms down or cries himself to sleep. During these times I am very stressed yet somewhat more patient then other times. I try to realize that this isn't his fault at all and that he needs comfort. Although when I listen to crying for 3 hours straight it is very hard, EXTREMELY hard to stay patient. Are there times when I cry with him, yes, are there times where I need to walk away from him for a little, yes, do I feel bad about it, YES. I feel as though I am not strong enough sometimes to go through these little bursts. Which around this time of year well these happen a lot because it is storm season. Although he is in a very good mood right now, I am hoping he stays this way the rest of the night.

I was able to speak to Harvey last night. That was awesome. Where he is it was early morning there while it was late at night here. I am sure Jet Lag is kicking in with him.

We were going to go for a walk today too but as soon as we got to the park, Kadyn just started screaming so I turned his stroller around and we didn't walk. I was a little disappointed but I wasn't about to walk around the park with a crying toddler. So when I put him back in the car he was happy. So I decided I would skip walking today. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for this. I have no pictures due to him not wanting to walk, maybe tomorrow :).


Anonymous said...

I hope he feels better today though! Poor guy

It's hard to hear crying that long yes but everyone and every mother needs a break from hearing screaming like that hon. You're a great momma