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Thursday, April 29, 2010

We miss Daddy

Kadyn and I miss Daddy. We haven't spoken to him a couple days because he isn't allowed to due to him not being allowed to tell us when he ships out. The Army doesn't want it out there, which I can understand and I respect. We just miss him.

Kadyn has been trying to lift his head up a lot lately. Do I have pictures NO! Why? I can not find my camera. Between all the moving and vacation I don't know where i placed it. I do know I didn't leave in the Las Vegas because I put the pictures on my computer when I got home. So I am going to finish my spring cleaning that I have been doing in my room and find it. I think it is in a box of old Kadyn clothes, why I don't know.

Kadyn also may have to get a helmet. He keeps hitting his head on things causing bruises. I am not liking that. I was told that if they hurt themselves it will stop. I don't think that is the case with Kadyn. I honestly don't want to know how hard he has to hit himself in order for it to hurt. The positive thing about this is that he doesn't hurt himself throwing a temper, he thinks hitting his head off things is funny! I don't.

I was in the shower and all i heard was bang bang bang. I put his cushion that goes around the bed up and he goes under it, bang bang, so I pretty much am lost at what to do. They only time I let him hit his head is when he is on his belly trying to lift it. I don't want to tell him no for that because then he will think he isn't suppose to lift his head. So I am pretty lost other than tell his doctor and get a helmet to protect his head. I am scared that he will hit his shunt up against his bed hard enough one and break it or something.

Just a few minutes ago I was making Koolaid. (Oh how I love Blue Raspberry Lemonade) I turn around and he is under the couch, I go to pull him out and he was STUCK. I freaked out, but luckly my dad was there to help. He is really going to give me a heart attack. My mom has a fireplace in the front room and he will scoot and roll there just to hit his head off the fire place, and no matter how many times I say no, he just goes for it.

I don't like it mainly because when I take him to the doctors or ER it's Oh where did he get that bruise from, which I know they are just doing their jobs and I can respect that, but it's annoying. I try to keep Kadyn as far away from things that he can hit his head on, but when houses have walls, there kinda isn't much I can do. I don't understand what is soo funny about it? I am thinking about switching him into his porta crib for awhile, hoping maybe he will forget about it.

Great now he is pouring his bottle into his ear! UGH it never stops!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

I knew he had a problem hitting his head but I didn't know it was that bad! Maybe his tolerance for pain is really that high? Like it sounds hard and he can't feel it. Is there anything that you do or he does and should hurt him and it doesn't? Maybe have his sense and nerves checked out b/c that just seems odd to me.

yeah good think you remember having AFTER you got home and didn't forget it. Never know with how much you drank lol