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Friday, April 16, 2010

A different post, New Mexico!

Most of my posts are about Kadyn, well I am going to tell you a little story about Kadyn's daddy, Harvey. Now you know that he is being deployed. Well I found out his ship-out date is end of April . He will be headed to Afghanistan for 12-18 months. Well before he does that he went through some training in Missouri,New Jersey and last New Mexico. (I am thinking New Mexico is more for getting them used to the sand? lol) Anyways I was on Harvey's facebook and I saw a few pictures he was tagged in. Well, he told me what had happened that day. Now the officers wanted to show them that Pepper spray is not something to shoot at someone for fun, it's used for other reasons. So they lined them up on by one and made a day out of teaching them how painful pepper spray is. They were put in a square area, then another solider sprayed them right about the eyebrows with pepper spray, and they were given a plastic bar looking thing and had to run and use it to defend themselves against these other soliders. Well here are some pictures. Sorry I have none of him being sprayed.

I have no idea why he is smiling because he called me crying....I mean being a man and acting tough. He was in pain for hours! He is glad he went through it though, that way he doesn't play with the stuff. Then the next day, he was asked to volunteer to be shot with a taser gun, he said NO WAY! He had enough pain.

(also Kadyn is home now, he was discharged today and is doing great!)


Little said...

That last picture is really cute. : ) His eyes look like they HURT.

Stay strong and brave. You're so inspiring.

I'll be praying for you and your lovely family.

<3 <3 <3

Caroline P. said...

I <3 KADYN!!! and were is your latest post??? it's been AWILE!!!!!