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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hydrocephalus WALK 2010 fundraiser!


What a blast! I wish I would of brought my camera to take a video of how Kadyn was acting with Jenn! It was sooo cute to see him with her! First of all, I was so nervous because I was afraid Kadyn would hurt Jenn as she just had surgery. I wasn't nervous about her holding Kadyn at all, I knew if she couldn't handle him she would tell me, I was more afraid of him hurting her! He was soo funny though! He was just soo happy to be out of his stroller and amazing! Thanks to Jen for taking all of these pictures! Although this isn't even half of them lol! Who wouldn't want to take a picture of his cute smile! He had everyone there just cracking up!

This was held at On the Boarder. Mind you this was my first time eating there. I had a Taco Melt, AMAZING! I actually liked it so much that I ate the left overs later on. I never eat left overs, but it was just wayyy too good. I had so much fun and so did Kadyn, and yes Kadyn is sporting a mohawk! It kinda hides the surgeries he just had lol!


Kristen said...

The mohawk look on him is awesome!

Anonymous said...

So glad that it went well!! I still wish I would of held him when I was home but I'm so scared to hurt him plus he was content on the floor playing lol.

Have you had salsaritas? It's on the hill, not sure on the top or bottom. but SO good. It's like subway in the way of you get a burrito or what have you and then you pick your toppings it's SO SO good.

You have to go there! lol

I love his mohawk!

Anonymous said...

This little guy has truly stolen my heart!!

Anonymous said...

This little guy has truly stolen my heart!!