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Monday, April 12, 2010

Kadyn doesn't like to stay away

So we are back in the hospital. Last night Kadyn projectile vomited everywhere. Coming from a child who rarely vomits this was scary for me. So, after discussing it with Kadyn's grandma, and seeing as Kadyn's color was bad and he wasn't really waking up, I decided to take him to Childrens Hospital. There they immediately did blood work and CT scans. We were then told we were going to be admitted at least for observation. Then they gave me the dreaded news, Kadyn is NPO after midnight. Well so I fed him as much as he wanted until then, and around 12:30am it all came back up anyways.

This morning he was very happy and playful and when Neurosurgery came in they changed their plans. They decided that even though Kadyn's ventricles are slightly enlarged that this could be from the recent surgery and that they would watch him over one more night and see where we go from there. So right now they are thinking it could be a bug! What other mother would get so excited over a child having a bug? A mother who just watched her child go through 3 surgeries in two weeks. We have Kadyn on Pedialyte and a little bit of his formula and so far he has not thrown up all day, which leads me to believe he has or had the stomach bug. So hopefully this is a short and sweet hospital stay and we can be home tomorrow.

This Saturday I'll be baby sitting my niece and nephew. I am pretty excited about that. I haven't watched them since...well I've never baby sat my little niece before but I have watch my nephew a couple times. So instead of going down south for the weekend I'll be going more north in Michigan.

This is My niece Maddy and of course me! LOL. She loves her blankets. I don't have a picture of my nephew on here but when I am done sitting I am sure I'll have a few pictures. Well I am going to get off here, clean up a little and head back to the hospital before Mr Man wakes up. I hope everyone has had a wonderful and Blessed day :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that everything is going well once he calms down all. Did you ever say if he ever say if he gets to come home tomorrow

Valeria said...

I love you and Kadyn... I've seen your videos long time ago and periodically I came in your blog for more informations about Kadyn's progress. You baby is very strong and I've understood a lot of things (happiness, confidence, optimism...) from his eyes. Give him my kiss and excuse me for english: I'm italian