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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Clinic to Admission.,

So today was very scary. I woke up at 11am and jumped outta bed to see Kadyn still sleeping. I thought maybe I was so tired that he woke up and played quietly and went back to sleep. Although this has never happened before. So I went to go get ready for the day and then i her a gasping breath. I run into my room and Kadyn was having a seizure. I comfort him until he stops and goes back to sleep. Hmm. So I then start packing our bags. I hear another Gasp, I run back and he is seizing again. He stopped and went back to sleep. I then got him an outfit and got him out of bed to get him dressed and head to the Clinic. I tried to feed him before but he wanted nothing to do with it. So then I headed to Children's. There were a lot of sick shunt patients there today. So we waited and he ended up having 5 more seizures while waiting. Got back to see the nurse and he had 3 more right in front of her. So she ordered CT scan, Xray and lab word. He did everything well and had 2 seizures while waiting for Labs, 1 while waiting for xray and then one terrible one while on the CT scanner and they almost called the Rapid Response code. He luckily came out of it before. So we went back to clinic where he had 2 more seizures and they decided to do a shunt tap. His pressure went up to 30, that is BAD! She decided to take 6 cc's out and it went back down to 2. So 30 is too high and 2 is kinda border line to low. So then she said she doesn't know and that she would consult with the Surgeon and go from there. So we are admitted now. While we waited for a bed he had 2 more seizures and upstairs he had 2. 17 seizures today is not normal. I am convinced it is his shunt. He hasn't eaten today and although he felt a little better after she took the fluid off he eventually got really irritable again. We will see what the neurosurgeon says later or in the morning. :( My poor little guy!


Michelle said...

Seriously, you two just can't catch a break can you? Sending hugs and prayers your way.

Koby Long said...

I will pray for him tonight. I found your blog yesterday and I haven't stopped thinking about Kadyn since. He is so strong to go though all this. I tell everyone about your story. You are my hero to do everything you do, and the best mom in the world.

Kristen said...

Troubles with shunts suck!! It makes me want to walk a million miles for the Walk for Hydrocephalus so they can find a better solution for Hydrocephalus than these apparatuses that can malfunction.

I feel this major love/hate relationship between me and mr. Shunt right now. I love 'em because without them our babies can't even live. But with them they keep malfunctioning and causing such turmoil for us.

My thoughts and prayers are with you!


Colette said...

Thinking of and praying for you and Kaydyn...what a rough time for both of you!

Pearl said...

I found your blog today, and it makes me to value my family even more now. You are such a great mother! Your son is adorable and brave little man! Please let me know if there is anyway I can help you with something.I live in LA. You can email me on my personal email address Even if I can help you with something little, it would make me feel good that at least I can do something for you and your little precious boy. You and your family are going through so much...Good-luck!

Anonymous said...

Between Kadyn and Cayman, I am just thinking and thinking about you and your family all the time. Your son is such a lucky little boy to have such a good and caring mommy. Here's hoping they can get his seizures under control. Seventeen in one day is seventeen too many!