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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lonely Days, Hopeful nights

Kadyn normally has been sleeping all day again. I don't know if anyone remembers when I was worried about Kadyn sleeping so much last year. He slept for almost a month straight, would wake up to eat maybe play a little then sleep. I am beginning to wonder if growing takes a lot of energy out of his body. Today kinda of proved that his energy levels are down again.

Let's begin. Kadyn woke up at 6am. He was playing but didn't want to get out of bed, so me thinking okay I am fine with laying him bed scooped him up and put him on my bed. As I laid there with him, the errands I had to run raced through my head. Had to take Harvey's package to the post office and buy stamps. Then had to run to the store to get some groceries and his pain reliever. Then I remember I had to run to Children's to get his formula. Well I get 1/2 there and my check Gauges light goes off, I look at the temperature gauge and it's almost at the ORANGE line! Ugh, so I slow down and pull off the the side of the free to let it cool down. I then slowly head home. Thank God I made it home. Kadyn was asleep so I put him in his bed, ran next door and asked the neighbor to sit with him while I walked up to the 7-11 to get coolant, hoping thats all it was. I got that, and then walked home and forgot to buy a funnel to put the coolant in the car easier. So, I made a homemade funnel out of a pop bottle buy cutting the bottle half off. It worked perfectly. So now here comes the big part. Figuring out where the coolant goes. Luckly the cap had big huge black letters that said Engine coolant and THANKFULLY when I checked it, it was empty, meaning that was the problem and I felt amazing that it was an easy fix! So I decided since the neighbor was there while Kadyn was asleep I would test drive it. It stayed cool and I felt great. I came home, thanked my awesome neighbor then tried to take a nap but Kadyn had woken up. So I repacked him up and headed back to the hospital to get his formula. We ran into a bunch of nurses we knew and some Neurosurgeon RN's. They all thought Kadyn was acting so funny because he had his legs straight up in the air, pulling on his lip yelling dada. I then looked at them and said ok well we better go before Kadyn decides he wants to stay here. So off home we went. Then I decided to take Kadyn for a walk. So we took him and our dog Korona to the beautiful park and walked for about 15 minutes. I was speed walking around the park, it's a little over a mile around. I love that park. I then came home, and made spaghetti for dinner and then Kadyn laid down for another nap and I napped too. It was amazing. Kadyn is now right back to sleep. Normally Kadyn takes one morning nap or one afternoon nap but he took 2 naps today which is not like him. I am thinking he is going through a growth spurt, which I don't want him too because he is already hard for me to carry lol! Also he is so long now that he has to be forward facing. He has better head and neck control for it too. Plus with his amazing car seat he is safe forward facing.

Things have really been good for Kadyn though. He has been in an amazing mood and has been very patient with me when we go shopping for his Daddy to send him things. I believe we are going to walk up to the dollar store tomorrow, which is about a mile away from my house and do some candy shopping for his Dada. Buy him some puzzle books and what not too. I am really excited about sending him packages of things. Things he needs/wants/or even doesn't want. It's a lot of fun knowing that he will get this package and be very happy and excited about it. I also send him letters from Kadyn and me everyday. Although Kadyn doesn't write I just write for him in sloppy kid writing lol! It's a lot of fun!

Well, May 28th is another Hydrocephalus Support Group meeting. I am pretty excited about it. Kadyn is going to be good so we can go to this one too! He said so :). This Saturday is my niece Madison's first birthday party! Then the following Friday I go there to babysit her along with my nephew. I am excited about that! Then June 1st we go see the dietitian about Kadyn's Ketogenic diet. Hopefully she will let me try to feed him Purees. Of course I have to add oil to them to make then Keto friendly but I really want to get Kadyn eating. I am hoping I can.
Kadyn is still getting on his hands and knees and trying to crawl. If he could pull his head up and hold it up he would be crawling all over the place! He rolls constantly now and I just can't get him to stay in one place very long anymore. I am glad though. If only I can get him to stop going under the couch! My silly boy!