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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I know

I promised pictures, but Kadyn's health right now is making it hard to take the time to do so. Please bare with me as I try and determine what is causing my son so much pain. I think it's shunt related. No change in ventricle size makes the Neurosurgery RN think different. I guess she doesn't understand that there is never a change in Kadyn's ventricles when his shunt isn't working. Just a great change in attitude. He woke up around 2 this morning and he wouldn't accept a bottle and cried cried. Finally got him to take Poweraid zero but has only drank 3.5 ounces of that. He keeps rolling and can not get comfy. He has begun to hit himself in the head and his eyes are bruised underneath. I am trying to wait this out until the AM when I know his neurosurgeon will be there and not just on call. Hoping for no seizures and knowing this is going to be a long time. I can not blame the weather as there is no rain in the forecast so I am thinking either shunt or a head cold beginning. As soon as I know something I will update, until then I am hoping that this is all nothing and maybe Kadyn is just getting a cold...which is nothing to me. *sigh*


Cheryl said...

Oh WHY Oh WHY, isn't there a definitive way to tell IF their shunt isn't working!! It is SOOOO very frustrating. We are having the same issues! Praying for you & Kadyn.