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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Update

So, I decided to wait it out last night. After not going to bed until 5am and only sleeping 2 hours, Kadyn woke up a whole new guy. He isn't feeling good and I believe he has a sore throat as his voice is very hoarse. So I am thinking all this has been the onset of this cold he is getting. As the weather changes over and over he seems to catch everything, plus just being in the ER where it is the most unsanitary place when it comes to cold and flu germs floating around I am pretty sure he picked up his cold from there. I was able to catch a quick break to come downstairs to update everyone. Hopefully tomorrow night, (maybe tonight pending on how I feel) I can throw some updated pictures on here. Going to hope Kadyn feels a little better tomorrow. He isn't eating and not really drinking so if this doesn't change by tomorrow I will be taking him in for IV fluids so he doesn't become even more dehydrated.