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Friday, May 14, 2010

My next post will have pictures

I promise!

This post is just and update about the past couple days events. Ugh!

Thursday I took Kadyn to see his Neurosurgeon. Right there he had a seizure! YUCK! It lasted about 30 seconds and he came out of it and acted like nothing ever happened. Although I disliked the seizure, I was pretty excited about it. I bet you're all wondering why. Well some of you may know Kadyn likes to ALWAYS go into a GrandMal Seizure and not come out for hour to hour and a half. Well this 30 second seizure ment PROGRESS! The diet is helping!!! Dr. Ham asked us to stay, he said he was more then happy to let us stay in the office after hours as he had to be there anyways. I shrugged the seizure off and felt like it was okay to go home. Boy did I get a surprise. Kadyn slept the seizure off on the way home. When we got home, I got out of the car and went to unlock the door to the house. It's easier to get Kadyn in that way. As soon as I started unbuckling Kadyn's car seat I saw his hand start to seize. So I took him inside, undressed him, packed my bags, gave Kadyn Diastat then waited. Praying over his body asking God to heal him of the seizure. He wasn't stopping, so I went and got my phone and called 911. They are always amazed at how calm I am in situations like these. It's the best thing. Your child can sense your panic and will make things worse. So I knelt down and just prayed so hard. Right as I heard the sirens the seizure stopped. Kadyn was very confused of course but he was okay. Which ment we would be able to be transferred to Children's. YAY! So off we went. We went to the ER were they did CT scan and xray to check the shunt. They said it was okay and that Neurology was going to be consulted. Neurology said since his seizure was so short that they would increase a medication and send us home. I decided against the increase. They didn't argue. I feel Kadyn is going to have these monthly seizures no matter what. He has always had them no matter what medication he was on or no matter how high the dosage he is on. They discharged us that night. Thank God!

The past two days Kadyn's been Unbearably cranky. Nothing makes him happy, he was hitting his head last night and he is sleeping a lot. If this continues I will have to go to the Neurosurgery clinc Monday and get things checked out again. He acted like this the last time he needed surgery. Also he has two catheters and one could be blocked but yet the other one not. His ventricle size NEVER changes. The RN's just don't understand that. *sigh* Well, Kadyn is crying no so time to go see if I can make him better.