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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kadyn is so much better

Kadyn is feeling so much better now. He has drank above and beyond what he normally drinks and he has played and laughed all day and get this, he DID NOT nap at all today! So I think he just needed a few recovery days. Although it's kinda scary that he isn't recovering as quickly as he used to. We are currently at my sisters in Ohio for a little break. What I mean by break is that I can go out back and hang out with my niece and nephew without having to take Kadyn with me. It's nice being able to go and not worry about taking Kadyn with me all the time. My sister and Ed are more then happy to watch him while I go, which I am very thankful for, especially when I am in Michigan I have no help at all. My parents are never home and when they are they have things they want and have to do so I don't bother asking just because I feel bad because they are with my sisters kids (in northern Michigan) all week. So I try not to bug them unless I have to.

I am pretty excited, Kadyn has a dietitian appointment June 1st and I want to be able to try and feed him baby jar food. I think he may eat a little better now. I did sneak him a taste of yogurt and he liked it, although I couldn't give him anymore because of the sugar in it, but I am confident that he will eat good if I try. What would it hurt anyways. I just need recipes to make the jar food Keto friendly. I am hoping maybe a better keto diet besides the formula will help control his seizures more. I totally believe he just needs a better diet. I just wish he remembered how to eat from when I first started teaching him. I think once his seizures become under control he will thrive more.

I just found out that Harvey is going to come home for his 2 weeks. He was going to go to Germany because I told him I want him to not come home until he can stay home, but I guess this is something to look forward to. I was too excited to bother asking what day he picked to come home for two weeks lol! He said he has something planned for him and I am it's a surprise. I love surprises!!

I am just glad I have something to look forward to. Also, Harvey is going to buy me a new laptop!! I am pretty excited and looking forward to it! I am happy he offered to help me out that way! As my laptop is garbage. It never worked right anyways, Hopefully this one will.

Well I maybe able to update tomorrow :)

I have some running around to do and some hanging with my niece and nephew! I missed them soo much <3 I better make Kadyn's formula and get in the shower!!