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Monday, May 10, 2010

Medication Malfunction

No not a shunt malfunction :) A medication giving Malfunction.

Kadyn is refusing all 5 of his seizure medications. Yeah, he hasn't had any in over a week. I don't know what to do. I am thinking about just giving up on them. Since he has been on this diet he has had 3 seizures. One due to shunt malfunction, one due to shunt infection and then a little one the other day that lasted maybe 30 seconds and then he slept it off. So I am thinking that the medication isn't necessary as the diet is doing what it should be doing. So I am thinking of just forgetting about trying to force Kadyn to take these medications which only ends up with medication all over the place. So, I decided that there is no point in trying, it's already been a week and if he is handling a week without medication this well, then he don't need it. Also I have seen some amazing changes in him since he hasn't been taking his medication. He is holding his head up, talking more, he is signing more now, and trying to crawl now. His sleep schedule is more normal and his nystagmus is so much better! I believe these medications were holding him back some and messing with his sleep. The only medications he is on is Cytra K (which he takes) and he is on Myra lax. So I am hoping to Neurologist will agree to just leave him as it and not try and do the medications anymore. Kadyn is doing so awesome on the diet. I am glad I decided to do it.

(Still praying for Beautiful Cayman!!!)


Anonymous said...

wait he's holding up his head and crawling and we didn't see pictures or a video?! I'm shocked Sara Rae utterly shocked to the core! I want to see this! OMG How did I miss this in my guys life? See I don't know if you notice or know this but I love you as a sister y ou are my best friend, that makes him my nephew..also makes you stuck with me if you like it or not! Love you babe