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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 days?? slacker!

Everything is ok here, lack of updates is due to lack of computer. I can update from my phone but it really is a pain. Kadyn is doing good though. His sleep schedule could be a lot better but oh well. He doesn't sleep through the night anymore and I have no cue why. He is very quite latly and he isn't doing a lot. I am thinking the weather and humidity bugs him. He is eating ok and still growing. Just not gaining weight. So I don't know. He has been in the same diaper size for over a year but he keeps getting longer haha. He has been seizure free for over a month now! Yayness!! He has been a good lil boy. Now we just wait for daddy to buy my laptop and come home. We really miss him.


Luciana (Brazil) said...

I've gotta say you're a great mother!! I think it's been over a year I don't read your blog, but it is to me a sort of a strength source. You and your son are inspirations! God bless your family every day!