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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Evening :)

This week so far has only been busy! Monday we had a fundraiser for the Detroit Hydroceohalus Walk. Here are some pictures.

He was just waking up, and was still a bit tired lol. He was such a good boy here! He is amazing!
This is Alexander and his mommy! He is an amazing and funny boy!!

My amazing friend Jenn!! I love her!!

Kadyn was sleeping. I couldn't help but take this picture :)
My new Kitten now has a name Cougar! I love her! She is so funny. She did hurt her paw today but she is doing better now. She loves to play with everything and she is such a good kitty. I love her too!!
She loves Kadyn!
She sleeps in funky positions!
Her nails are pink and purple, yes. Why? These are the caps to keep her from scratching furniture, me and Kadyn.
She sleeps in such silly positions!!
I love this haha!
Kadyn's been doing so good. Today we were in Michaels and he just kept yelling DAAAADUH! I loved it! He then sneezed and laughed and the people in line started giggling too. Well I am going to go back to watching A Coal Minors Daughter. Amazing movie!



Kristen said...

It always makes me smile to hear that Kadyn is doing good!

olesya said...

Dear Sara! I live in Russia and my name is Olesya Pavlicheva. I do not know english very well, but i want to say, that you is one of the best mothers in the world!!! I admired by you! I wish the health and happiness to Kadyn and to your family!

Carina said...

Hi Sara, I'm from Brazil and I'm also have a lovely little boy 3 yaers old and he is very special too...I would like to speah more with you, I soo your vídeo by youtube and it was fantastic...My name is Carina, and this is my
Kisses to you and Kadyn - Congratulations. P.S: you also can see our vídeo at youtube: "filme original elias"...