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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Been a terrible few days

Since Monday Kadyn has not been acting himself. Crying a lot and when he isn't crying he is pulling on his face and smacking his head. He also is very quiet when he isn't crying. He is not eating at all and just been horrible. He is not smiling as much. My plan is to wait it out until tomorrow so I can go through clinic. I have been putting it off because I am unsure what could be causing him so much dispare. Today has gone too far though. I am thinking that it is his shunt. He wants to be left alone, not bothered. So I have been giving him his space. As long as I am not bugging him or trying to get him to eat something he is fine, but the minute I try to give him a bottle or pick him up he just gets upset. I want to got to the store and I am thinking about still going and hoping he will be good since he will be in a sweater but I am just worried he will throw a fit the whole time. :( Perhaps I will try to go, if he gets crazy I will bring him back home.