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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hospital trip again

So yesterday I ended up taking Kadyn to the hospital. Where they did all their tests and took blood. They did the CT scan and xray. The Neurosurgeon Nurse Practicioner said she sees slight increase in the ventricles but nothing to worrisome. Ok but if a shunt is suppose to drain CSF why would there be any kind of increase. No answers. So I tell them well if there is nothing they can do I'd rather just go home and tough it out. He has been crying for 5 hours now, not straight but it sure felt like it. I told her that normally they base this on how he is feeling because scans and shunt taps are never reliable with Kadyn. Well we were sent home and Kadyn is fine as long as I pump him with Tylenol. So we will see. She wants me to come back in 6 weeks for a check up and a rescan. She also asked if maybe he was getting bored. Really? My kid is normally constantly on the move and I am always playing with him, and talking to him. I do not understand how he can be bored, unless he is bored with me? (haha) Then they put on his release papers that he was seen for temper tantrums. Really? THose were cries of pain not anger! He was seen for possible shunt malfunction not behavior outbursts. Oh well
Today was pretty uneventful. We took a trip to Walmarts, then to the park. Came home to a disaster. (I have a 25 year old brother who doesn't know how to clean up after himself) Knowing my parents were going to be home I cleaned that up. I took Kadyn to the park and he actually sat with me on the swing for ten minutes. I think he liked it. I'll be going back tomorrow to swing with him more. I have also been eating better and working out and Ihave lost almost 10lbs now. It will be nice to be back into shape. I am also excited that Harvey and I are looking at houses even while he is gone. We are trying to find something in the Jackson area which will mean unfortunatly we will have to switch hospitals. Although I love the neurosurgeon at Childrens in Detroit. U of M Motts in Ann Arbor would be closer and safer for our son if any emergancies were to happen. I was thinking maybe I would still keep Kadyn's neurosurgeon the same at Childrens and transfer everything else to Mott's, but I have plenty of time to do all that when Harvey comes home. Kadyn is getting so tall I had to put the head rest on his car seat up a little. I feel like he is just growing way to quickly although he is 3 and is still in 24month clothing, and that is only because he is so long!
I also started Kadyn on solids and it's not going so good. He isn't liking anything I give him but I am sure there is something out there that he can like or even learn to like. So I think tomorrow I will try Squash. I never had Squash, don't think I'd want to. Something about vegetables thats shelf life is 2 months bothers me. (hehe) All of his fruits and vegetables have to be pureed and the I have to add oil to make them ketofriendly. You actually can't even taste the oils at all! It tastes quite good. I know I am weird.(haha)
I am not looking forward to Kadyn's dentist appointment. He has bad teeth. Really bad teeth. It's not that I don't brush them because I do, it's just that no matter what his teeth get really nasty. I started brushed after every bottle but he doesn't like it and would bite me. I can't use tooth brush in his mouth because he just screams and I find it easier to brush his teeth with the infact finger tooth brush that has brissles. I have more control. Oh well. Not like he uses his teeth anyways. (haha)
Also I am almost to my goal for the WALK. 100% of all proceeds goes towards research for a better way of life for these children/adults who have to live with this condition everyday. Please $1 can go along way! Go here to this link. It will take you to my sons Team Page. Kadyn's Miracle Mile. It is the Hydrocephalus Association's website.
Kadyn and I thank you soo much!!!


Kristen said...

CT scans can be frustrating. We know that well on our end too. I have learned that even just the slightest difference in cut of scan can make for not a strong accurate reading. So possibly when they did the scan on Kadyn they might have cut the image at a slightly different spot or angle than the previous scan they were comparing it to. That can make the ventricles look larger when they aren't actually. It's crazy when things aren't so black and white, especially when it's over such a serious matter like a shunt. I hope he'll be feeling better without needing a surgery.

Good luck with house shopping. And I don't think you will be disappointed with the doctors at U of M if that is where you end up. We absolutely love Cayman's Neurosurgeon.

Kristen said...

My sister is a dental hygienist and she's always told me that one of the worse things for Cayman's teeth would be to allow her to fall asleep while drinking a bottle. The milk or juice just coats the teeth and eats away at the health of them, even if regular brushing is still done each day.

Good luck at the dentist. I am curious about what Kadyn will think of it.