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Friday, July 30, 2010

Kadyn vs sitting up

I have been trying to keep Kadyn sitting up more often, He sits in his specail chair but I usually have it leaned all the way back. So I have him in his high chair and he cried for the first 5 minutes and now he is talking to me. I also tried feeding him blueberries. Another icky face from him. Although I do believe if I keep feeding him the same foods he will come around the the taste. I hope so at least.

One thing about getting a new house to live in is that we won't be with my parents. They are not home often but when they are they still (3 years later) try and tell me what to do when it comes to Kadyn, and they are always making up excuses as to why he asks the way he does sometimes. It will be nice not having them around to tell me what to do, basically. Also it will be nice not having them go into his room when I am trying to get him to sleep and them mess with him. That is mostly my dad, but it just gets frustrating, and this being thier house I don't feel right telling them not to. Kadyn doesn't like facial hair at all and my dad has that and Kadyn just cries when my dad kisses him. That is frustrateing too. I deal with it for now though.
He is making noises in his chair now, thankfully. I am making Spaghetti with popcorn chicken. It is a frozen meal, but i love Tv dinners! I still eat Kid's Cuisines because they are enough for me to eat. :).

Today I believe we are going to Babies R Us I love that store! Then we are going to go to the park. Maybe Kadyn will want to swing with me again :)