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Monday, July 26, 2010

Rough Day

Today has been a super rough day for Kadyn. He woke up in a not so good mood. Whined pretty much all morning and has barly eaten anything today at all. I am hoping it is due to the rain that is coming this Wednesday and that it is nothing else. I am getting highly concerned on Kadyn's willingness to eat. It seems he is just not so interested latly and I am begining to wonder if this is something that I should bring up to the doctors or hold off due to the massive heat wave that just stuck. I know I don't want to eat when the heat index is above 100! I have been taking Kadyn for walks everyday almost, when it's hotter during the day we go late at night. Well late in the evening I should say. It seems to be a better time for him and I to walk. Of course I always take him to Elizabeth park. It is pretty and peaceful and probably safer then walking through out neighborhood and there is always many people and police in the park. It makes me feel safer. There is a lot that goes on there during the summer too. This past weekend they had boat racing and next weekend they are going to have Jazz concert there. It makes for a nice walk when there are lemonaid stands there. Oh do I love fresh squeezed lemonaid! I also love feeding the local ducks. Some are wild and some the park has put there. We are allowed to feed the ducks but there is a sign that says Please do not feed the Geese. I always wonder how we are suppose to keep the Geese away from the ducks we are feeding. It is merely impossible and usually I end up feeding all the birds haha! Kadyn is very tired from all the walking and bird feeding today. Kadyn cracks up hearing the ducks quakes as they come towards me for the snacks. Todays snack for them was Stale Cheerios. They sure enjoyed them. They are possibly tired of the bread that most people throw them. I try to change things up a bit, popcorn, cheerios, cereals. Stuff that rarely gets eaten around here but always bought by my parents. It's weird. (haha).
Tomorrow Kadyn has a few appointments. Hopefully they go by quick and painless!