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Monday, August 16, 2010

My worlds!

Korona the best dog I could ever ask for. She lays by Kadyn's crib everynight. She loves him

I love these pajamas on Kadyn. They make him look so darn cute! He is so darn cute!

Cougar is my world too. She has really grown on me!

His shirt (which you can't read sorry) says My daddy's deployed so i'm cranky until he returns

Cougar loves hanging out with Kadyn and she tolerated him pulling on her tail and legs. She will lick him too and he laughs

I found this old picture of Kadyn and Harvey (see the how much they look alike then haha!) It's one of my favorites and it's my background photo on my computer. I miss these times. I miss Harvey a lot. This has been hard. rough and the toughest thing I have ever had to go through. Hearing Kadyn cry dada almost everynight breaks my heart. Although it makes me happy that he remebers who his dada is. Although when I am in Ohio with my sister Kadyn seems to be on his best behavior and is always good. I think because Uncle Ed kinda fills the father void in Kadyn's life right now. Although Ed is old enough to be Kadyn's grandpa haha! He is awesome with Kadyn and loves Kadyn very much! I love that! I am in Ohio probably until Saturday. I have a birthday party to go to. Kadyn's cousin Matthew is turning 4! I am so excited. I can not believe he will be 4 years old.

I want to show you an amazing video. I came home from Cedar Point and walked into this!

He was sooo excited!


Gretchen said...

Awe!! It is wonderful to be missed! He's too cute! Growing so fast. We are glad you had a good time at Cedar Point.