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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ohio seems like the place to be

I have been staying in Ohio for the past week. When I am here time seems to go by much quicker. I am so amazed how it's the end of August. September brings a month of joy! Harvey will be home for 2 weeks! Although I wish is was for good, I am thankful that he gets to take this time off to be home with his friends and family and his Kadyn. I am unsure if Kadyn fully understands whats going on, but I know he sees that someone who was in his life is missing. When Harvey can skype I put Kadyn on the video and show Kadyn his daddy. He starts saying dada over and over and gets excited. It's wonderful. I believe the time goes by quicker because well, my sister lives on a farm, there is always something to do here. Feeding horses, chickens, dogs, and even a wolf. (I stay away from the wolf, kinda creeps me out) I have my niece and nephew to run around with and Kadyn seems to like it here more. Plus it has helped me lost the 3lbs I needed to lost my first 10lbs. Getting back into shape feels amazing!

Kadyn has been doing great. He has been so good and health wise he is amazing! This is the 3rd going on 4th month of no seizures. He is on NO medication and you can tell a huge difference in Kadyns personality. It is 8000 times better! He also is more active and just happier. I don't think they could get me to put him back on medication. Today is a lazy day. Since it's cloudy and yuck. Laying in bed seemse to be the answer. For now. Soon I'll have to get up and think about starting my day. Until then Kadyn and I seem to enjoy the bed :)


Kristen said...

I love hearing about the wonderful time you have at your sister's.