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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yes it's Halloween. No pictures of Kadyn in his costume.....YET. It's only 1am. I am still awake because Kadyn's sleep Schedule is flipped for some reason. Ask him, I don't really know haha. It's okay though. Around 10:30am is Church time, Then relaxing for this mama, today is my birthday and I am going to relax. I may go do some shopping for me, I may not. I am not sure. I am sure of this. Today is going to be pretty lonely. I am going to be with some family and my son, but yet a part of the puzzle piece is gone. Harvey. I have never had a birthday without him for the past 8 years, but it is okay. I will push on. I will take Kadyn trick or treating with my niece. I will go home and at 4am Monday morning I will start my babysitting job. I will just keep pushing on everyday. Hold my head up high and think to March when he ill be home.

Kadyn is doing great. He is slowly becoming more accepting of being messed with, as in, being held, being carried, being played with. Being touched in general. He is starting to crave bits and pieces of attention. He is talking a lot more, it's still babbeling and some words (Mostly dada, dad, and daddy) but he is imporving in everyway. The longer he goes without haveing seizures and being off medication the more "normal" things he is doing.

So many parents probably would be excited about their children passing gas, but I am one who is. Before Kadyn got off all medication he never passed gas, ever. As a newborn he also never did and would rarley burp. Now, all he does is pass gas. It's a constant everyday thing. Pretty much 20-30 times a day he passes gas. I guess the diet makes a person gassy. I don't mind, but he can stink up a room. In all his xrays they would see built up gas in his stomach, this last one they saw none. He is also growing. He is still tiny for a three year old but he is actually growing. I am so proud. More and more everyday he starts looking like a little man, not so much a baby. I can not wait until they get him until therapy again. I have been waiting to get the ok for this and now I am waiting on a list! Ugh! I am so inpatient to see his imporvments! I have been hopeing to atleast get his head up for when daddy comes home, but I don't see that coming, but that is okay. Maybe he will start doing it so Daddy can see it when it happens :)


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!