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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yesterdays dramatic events

Yesterday was suppose to be my first day of babysitting this little baby girl. Her mom dropped her off and everything was fine. Kadyn was still asleep and all I had to do was finish feeding her and change her diaper then put her back to sleep. Little did I know newborns who have no issues, don't just go to sleep on their own. I learned something new watching her, Newborns are very demanding, and want to be held and loved a lot. Kadyn was never like that. He wants to be loved but not held. I was suppose to watch her until 3pm, but that ended when Kadyn started seizing around 11am. I put the baby down (her name is Alexa) and I rushed over to him to help him. Alexa cried, but I was able to block her out for a little bit to help Kadyn. I decided that his seizure was too much and an ambulance ride would most likely be needed, so I called Alexa's Grandma (she lives within 1 minute of me) so she came and got Alexa as I was calling 911 Kadyn stopped seizing. I still opted for the ambulance ride incase he started again. We get the hospital and they put him in a regular room in the ED for treatment as Kadyn was postictal and just sleeping it off. Well 1 hour into being there Kadyn was back to his normal happy self. But I wasn't Some reason Kadyn's Childrens Special Health Care Services was canceled and I have no idea why. That is going to be todays adventure, maybe tomorrows pending on Kadyn. I did sign him up for another insurance to cover us until I get this straightened out, and he will keep that insurance as a primary and CSHCS as a secondary. So that will be ok. We will make sure everything is covered no matter what! So I guess in a strange way, that was a blessing. I do not have to babysit today due to the elecations, but I'll have little ALexa tomorrow and be prepared for pictures. Having her around is giving me the baby blues! haha!

Harvey and I are planning our wedding. How exciting! I already have most of it set out! When we get out house we are going to get married in out own backyard. Also Kadyn is going to sit (I am determined to get him sitting) or laydown in a wagon and my youngest nephew will be pulling him (ring bearers) My youngest niece and Harvey's youngest niece will be flower girls. Harveys God son is going to be a ring Bearer too, he is going to be walking behind the wagon (so Kadyn doesn't roll out haha) Colors are going to be pink and orange with pink and orange lillies. I am pretty excited about this! :)

Kadyn is doing really good though. We were discharged that night and they think his sugars were just too low. So they gave him a bit of apple juice, and got his sugars up and sent us home.


Nichole said...

Hello.. I have been reading your blog for awhile now, but I don't think I ever commented before. Kadyn is adorable!

I was just curious... does his doctors give you a hard time about taking him off his medications? I totally agree - the less meds he is on, the better... and it is totally up to you, as his mother. But --- I can just imagine the grief you might get from them.

Good luck with the babysitting. The good thing about that is - you can love on them and send them home!

Jessie said...

Hello I recently saw a video about Kadyn on Youtube and I began to watch all of the ones you have posted. Kadyn is a beautiful child and I admire both you, your husband, and Kadyn's strength.

When I was younger( well I'm only 13 so I'm still young) I used to think that having a child with any kind of problem would be utterly devastating, and I'm sure it is in the beginning, but I see Kadyn and others like him and I hope when I have a kid( in a VERY long time ;D) I hope he/she will be as an amazing child as they are.

God Bless all of you! <3