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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Harvey's visit Part 1 (Cabin)

We had so much fun while Harvey was home. Kadyn was so excited to see his daddy. The day after he got in we all decided to go to his unlces cabin for the night, so we can go out on the boat and go fishing. Well the boat was taken out of the water when it wasn't suppose to but that didn't stop him and his brothers from doing what they wanted to do. So here are some pictures of what we did. All in all this over night trip was a good one.

A game of risk was played.
I was taking pictures of everyone while playing
I am yellow. I just kepts putting people on my few countries and then I eventually lost haha.

Jonathon ended up winning.
Everyone brought their dogs. Korona, Kielo, Sadie and Trex
It wasn't that warm but fishing was wanted. So the boys got their shorts on and went out there and fished. Josh, Harvey and Nick
Harvey and I outside the cabin
Jonathon, of course all these boys are Harvey's brothers
Josh and Nick looking for tools
Kadyn is all excited to leave!
It was a really nice trip. To be with all his brothers and Kadyn, it was really nice. We had a goodtime. We cooked a big dinner and just had an amazing time. His brothers were really excited to be with him and just spend time with him. I'll have another update of our trip to Sandusky :)


Anonymous said...

hi i have 2 grandsons one who has autism with ashburger and his brother has spinal bifita and my daughter was told special needs children go to special parents and they are a joy to our family as im sure your handson son is to u love is the key to all children and it helps with all things in life your son is very handsom and god bless u and your family