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Friday, October 15, 2010

Not sleeping

Kadyn has had an issue with sleeping the past month. It's during naptime and when it's time for bed for the night. He gets so mad that he is tired that he cries, for hours on end, if I try to console him he just gets angerier. So I have resulted in closing the door and just letting him throw his fit. Kadyn does not like to be held, rocked, or anything that envovles me holding him. He fights me and pushes away from me and with him getting older, he is stronger and I am afraid if he pushes or throws himself the right way I will drop him. The biggest frustration is not knowing what he wants to put him to sleep. There are many things that I can't give him due to his diet. I am just convinced that he is over tired and can not stand himself. I have even tried putting him in a pack n play in the other room to see if he likes sleeping in that better, nothing. I am pretty much out of options, other than letting him cry himself to sleep. That makes me feel like a terrible parent though. When we see the Pediatricain in Nov I am going to ask her what she feels I should do about this. I have tried driving in the car, he is calm in there but doesn't go to sleep, and I can't drive around forever, I can't give him warm milk as he can't have milk and he doesn't like his drinks warm anyways. I tried rubbing his belly, back, arms legs, head everything. I tried baths, he is calm for the bath but right when I put him in his bed he just cries. I tried the floor, living room floor, my bed, the chair, couch, his car seat. You name it I have probably tried it. I even resorted to giving him his bottle back for the sack of my sanity. It only works when he has cried himself for a long time and he finds it himself, he drinks it until it's gone then eventually falls asleep. I don't mind the lack of sleep for me, but I have always just not liked when he cried. I have always jumped up and tried to make him stop, the noise frustrates me for some reason. It always has, even when I watched my niece and nephew. I more so believe it does because I can't figure out how to fix it, or make it better. Kadyn can't communicate with me and it's just frustrating. I tried sign language but no one can touch him because he just pulls away. He doens't like being touched. :( After he is done crying I'll go in and talk to him softly and tell him I love him, and tell him good night. I turn his music toys on and he usually will quietly drift to sleep.

I am always walking around the stores talking to him, people look at me like I am crazy but I don't care. I am constantly talking to him. Like I have full conversations with him and he doesn't even know it haha!

I got Kadyn's halloween costume today. Not sure if we will be going trick or treating this year but it's a big maybe. It depends on the weather. If we don't I'll for sure be celebrating my birthday later that night.