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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hospital trip

So this was very uneventful. The Neurosurgary RN said that she is not 100% convinced that it could be his shunt. She said that she doesn't want to tap his shunt while he has fever since his Blood work came back showing no kind of infection. So she said give it until Monday and bring him into clinic for a shunt injection. So they also consulted Neurology, because the doctor thought his nystagmus was a seizure. I kept telling her that it wasn't but she didn't listen. They want to do a Video EEG on him. So I have to call and schedule that. I really don't think he needs it and that it's something his own Neurologist should schedule not because the ER doctor "thought" he was having a seizure, when he wasn't.

Kadyn is doing better today. Neurosurgary thought that his issue probably was weather related and that it has nothing to do with his shunt. That is all I needed to hear. I told her that if it was not his shunt I did not want to be admitted. She agreed and we went home.

Today Kadyn and I are going to go do some grocery shopping, then we are going to go to Bath and Body works. I love the body washes there. They have a new one that I can try out for a dollar. I find that an amazing deal. I also have to go to the Pet Store and get Hershey more food. (Hershey is my bunny). I also need to get Cougar and Cocoa more canned kitty food.

My birthday is coming up. This will be the first birthday I have spent with out Harvey here since he went for his basic training. For once I am not looking forward to the holidays. I really am not. I guess I am not looking forward to the sad emotions that are going to be at his side of the family. I love the holidays. It is my favorite time of the year. I love how everything starts out with a spooky holiday (my birthday) Halloween, then we get together for a huge Thankful Turkey dinner, then Chirsitmas and the gathering of loved ones, the smiles on the kids faces, then end the holiday season with a kiss. I love it!

February or March he will be home for good. I am very thankful for that. So is Kadyn. I am still working on getting all my pictures on here and chosing which ones I want to share from his time home. His time home was way to short, but also way fun too!