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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Frankenmuth, Bronners, Birch Run

Yesterday we went to Bronners in Frankenmuth Michigan. Those who have never heard of it. It is the biggest Christmas store and it is open open all year around. I love the place. I did buy Kadyn a Christmas ornament there. It's so cute. We also went to Birch Run and I got Kadyn his Thanksgiving outfit and a Christmas shirt that says "I ate all of Santas cookies" He also got a pair of jeans and another tshirt. Kadyn didn't go with me. I went with my mom and my sister. Kadyn didn't go because Kadyn has been sick. He has a terrible cough and he just can't seem to shake it. He alsois running a slight fever with it, but thankfully he has had no seizures from it. I keep him on Tylenol and keep him calm so he can rest. Although today we have to go to Harvey's grandmas because I have to pick her dog up and take her to go get her shots tomorrow along with my dog.

Kadyn has been doing good though. He is full of smiles and laughs. Yesterday when Alexa's mom came to get her, Kadyn just started laughing out of no where, for reasons unknown and he kept laughing for awhile. It was too stinkin cute. My friend Jeph was over for some help on jewlery, so we ended up going to the mall, which Kadyn was just looking everywhere and looking at everything in the mall. He enjoyed the different noises and faces. I enjored a cinnabon! It was so amazingly good! :)


charmine said...

Hi,I chanced upon your baby Kadyn's you tube videos today and came here.I am very moved by your story.You are a great mom and your child is beautiful and so sweet.Both his parents are wonderful.

Glad to see him still smiling and playing and doing good.I will keep him in my prayers,I believe god has kept him so far,watching over him and he can make him ok too.I will look to Jesus for Kadyn and you just enjoy this child,he's special.

HAve a nice day.