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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kadyn's first day of OT

Kadyn's first day of OT was this past Friday. It started out just like any other weekday. I wake up at 4am to let Alexa and her mommy in so I can get Alexa fed, and back to sleep so I can go back to sleep. Except instead of waiting for one of the kiddos to wake me up, I wake myself up at 8am to get ready to go to Kadyn's 1030am OT appointment. Because this was his first time at this place for OT we of course had to be there 15 minutes early. NOt only did I have to pack Kadyn up but also Alexa. So I get them both in the car, and this just seems like good practice for when we decide to have another child. Although that won't be for maybe a year or two. Well I get them both in the car and I double check the bag I packed.

*Size 5 diapers for Kadyn
*Size 2 diapers for Alexa
1 boy outfit
1 girl outfit
Kadyn formula
Alexas formula
Alexas bottles
Binky for Alexa

Had everything. Kadyn and her were both in the car and I had everything I needed, wallet, phone and keys. So off we went, on the way there I am debating on all the ways I could carry Alexa in. The easiest I decided would be to push Kadyn in his stoller and carry Alexa's carseat, since she would most likely be asleep from the car ride, keeping her asleep would be best as I want and I knew the therapist would need my help controling Kadyn. So we get there, I flash my frequent flyer mile card. (Family and Friends card, lets me park for free) and I find a parking spot. Thankfully I found one right next to the elevator. So then I decide, getting Kadyn into his stoller first would be easiest. So I take Kadyn out of his awesome carseat and put him in his stoller. Give him his bottle nad cover him up with a blanket. I then unhook Alexa and carry her and push Kadyn to the elevator. Then down we go. Oh and I am not the only one on the elevator. So the parents next to me say, Oh wow you have two babies and I kindly reply. No I only have one, and I point to Kadyn. I point to Alexa and say, I babysit her. They nod thier heads and smile, but it was like an...odd smile. I shrug it off and when he elevator stops where I had to get off I kindly say, have a nice day. NO reply from them. I walk Kadyn and Alexa into the hospital stop at the front desk and ask for a pass to the third floor for OT. The people at the desk no longer ask me if I know where I am going anymore lol! I then turned around and saw a Wagon, now my mind starts thinking again, should I put Alexa in her carset into the wagon or just walk. The thought of pulling and pushing made my head hurt so I decided to just walk to 10 feet to the elevator. I can put Alexa down while I wait for the elevator. Well I am the first on there, and many more people come with strollers. The elevator comes and those people who came after me started getting on. Instead of saying anything I just said, I'll wait for the next one. I thought it was kind of rude, but let me just say, WELCOME TO DETRIOT. So I got on the next elevator where to oooos and ahhhs of Kadyn's flexability where well heard. People giggled and Kadyn smiled. It was nice. At a children's hospital no one judges there by your looks or your condition. It truely is wonderful. We get to our floor and the room we have to wait in and sign in at is teeny tiny. I barly got Kadyn's stroller to fit in. Well, we got all signed in and were waiting to be called back. The therapist comes out and first thinks that Alexa is Kadyn, and I had to correct her. YOu could tell that she as confused to see a little 2 month old there for OT. Of course I chuckled as I corrected her on who Kadyn was. She then was like ahhh, yes. So we walk back and thankfully Maryum pushes Kadyn and I carry Alexa. The best part. Alexa slept through it all! YAY!

Maryum started working with Kadyn. She first started out by laying Kadyn on a mat to see what he would do. He got all excited and started kicking and throwing his head from side to side. He then start pulling on his lip and talking. Maryum explained to me, that things like pulling on his lip, hitting himself, hitting his head up against things, is his way of getting input. Basically he does this because he knows how to do it. She said many physically handicapped children do these things. It's like when you learn to walk, You usually always walk and not crawl. She said once he learns how to do these things, eventually the lip pulling and head banging and hitting will stop.
She then did physical things with him. She wanted to see how much head, truck, arm, leg and any other muscle control he had if any. She then saw that he did have head control, he just did not have enough strength to hold it up on his own, but when you sat him up he could control it quite well, this pleased her. She did state too that his lower body was much weaker then the upper. She said he needs a lot of trunk control work and leg. She did say that since his muscles were not stiff that if he built enough muscle that there is no reason why he won't be sitting up on his own or even walking. She said that he does not seem to have CP like the doctors suspected as most children with CP have very tight muscles and limited movement, and she saw that Kadyn has too much movement. He is very overly flexable. She said she would help me with his Sippy cup and go from there. She said that she is hoping to get him a new bath seat and a car that he can actually sit in. I explain to her how his head has a little more to it in the back then a "normal" head does and that his chair doesn't support that. So the game plan is to start therapy December 1st (insurance reasons) and go three months to see. If he shows improvment then we go another 3 months and so on. Insurance has to approve these things, and basically if a child is showing no improvement they won't approve for them to have OT or PT and basically just say try again at another date. So hopefully Kadyn shows somewhat improvement. We are still waiting to get into PT. The good thing about going through the hospital is that if Kadyn is admitted they can go to hisroom to do the OT or PT. So this makes things easier. Every time I go which is Wednesdays and Fridays I will have to take Alexa with me, but that is okay :). I don't mind. She is very good and usually sleeps!!


qwerty said...

I came across the cute videos of Kadyn on youtube and found your blog from there. I am truly touched by the genuine love you have for your son. It makes me still have hope for humanity. I truly hope all your wishes come true.
Kudos to you.

charmine. said...

I am very happy to hear Kadyn's making progress,may god bless him.You are working so hard.I admire your courage,have a good week.