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Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Stuff to deal with


So yesterday was my first full day baby sitting little Alexa. Monday if you remember, Kadyn had a seizure which I thought was odd after 6 months, and then Tuesday Alexa's mom (Nicole) was off due to elections. Yesterday went by great. Kadyn was such a good boy and didn't require much attention from me as now he will roll towards his bottle to get it. Also Alexa is not even 2 months old (which I thought she was) so she just eats and sleeps. So thats nice. Well, This Wednesday the 10th, Kadyn meets with his new peditrician. The only issue is Kadyn does not have insurance. Great huh? So I guess after not using the insurance for over a year, which we have they need updated doctors, which all his doctors are the same. They also sent my paper work to re enstate his insurance to the wrong address. Go figure. So, now I did sign Kadyn up for another insurance and so hopefully that goes through soon. Also I signed Kadyn up for an Overnight VMR. Which is just a 24 hour seizure study. They were explaining to me what they were going to do and they told me that Kadyn would be hooked up to an EEG Machine in which I would have to say awake the whole day and all night so they might beable to catch a seizure.I told them that he doesn't have daily seizures. If anything he is haveing very few to none. I said he hadn't had a seizure in 6 months so I doubt this will work. She told me that I am NOT allowed to leave the room as someone always has to be there to push a buton for when he seizes. They want to find a reason to get me to agree to put him back on medication, but when I took him off the medication he was seizure free for so long, and there is NOTHING they can do to get me to put him back on that junk. It caused him to have seizures. I fully believe all those meds caused Kadyn to have seizures. That is schedualed for Dec 15th, also that month on the 23rd he sees the Neurologist. Hopefully we have a newer better one. He has been very good though. He has been happy, although kinda a cranky with the icky weather, but I am sure most of his hydro friends are feeling it. I start buying Harveys Christmas gifts online. He won't be here for it but Harvey's grandma is keeping her tree up with his gifts underneath the treee until he comes home. I am so excited for that. I am hoping it just flies by. Soon Thanksgiving, another favorite holiday of mine will be here. I will be posting a special post when it gets closer. I have so much to be thankful for it's unreal! I love it though! Well Kadyn is asleep so I should be too. Have to be up around 330.

Goodnight <3