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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving is coming!

There is nothing I love more then being with family on Thanksgiving. Well, this year my family isn't haveing Thanksgiving. Many don't know but I live in quite to disfunctional not close family. My only option is to spend Thanksgiving with Harvey's family, which would be the right thing to do because I have Kadyn, but is it sad that I am not looking forward to that? I guess it's mostly because this Thanksgiving will be the first without Harvey, same with the other holidays and it's just not the same. The emotions at Harvey's families Thanksgiving are going to to overbearing for me to handle. I am not an emtional person, anyone can tell you. I've never cried over Kadyn's small road bumps, I've always held a strong shoulder when it come to dealing with all that. His family on the other hand, shows many emotions and I don't know how to deal with that. I don't want them to think negative of me when I am the only one chowing down and enjoying my Thanksgiving meal without shedding a tear. I perhaps would be he one to crack a joke about it all. Which is how I keep myself sane I guess.
Today at 10:30am I have a phone appointment to talk to someone about Kadyn recieving his SSI back. I chose to do over the phone as I babysit now and because it's easier to not take Kadyn out of the house when it's cold outside. I am not big on taking Kadyn out in the cold, especailly during cold and flu season. My goal is to stay home for Christmas this year not be in th hospital intubated like every year before. I am begining to think that Kadyn just don't like Christmas. (haha) Anyways. So I hope that goes well. The last time we were approved they took it away because I had bonds in my name that I didn't know about, it's my inheritance from my grandma, and they thought I was trying to hide them when I wasn't. So it took me forever to try and apply again as Kadyn was very sick and I had very little time for myself let alone SSI. So hopefully once I get that all straightened out I can get my Jeep the much needed fixings that it needs. also I won't struggle to get Kadyn diapers, although I have been getting Target brand 108 for $19.99. That just seems like steal...and awesome steal though. I am not complaining.
Time to feed Alexa before the interview. Hopefully she eats quick!


Kristen said...

I am so sorry your Thanksgiving will be so different for you this year. I know for myself I always look forward to the same traditions and being with the same people each year. I hope it ends up being more delightful for you than what it feels like it will be right now.