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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday's OT

Kadyn had OT on Wednesday. Found out that they are going to push him to the front of the waiting list for PT! So hopefully we start at that very soon. They are going to try and make it that same days as his OT so hopefully they can do that.

Yesterday's OT was ok. She said that she is going to work with his trunk control and his upper body strength. So they put him on a wedge (I don't take pictures since i have a 2 month old I babysit and have to take her with me) and rolled him on his stomach and he kept trying to roll back haha! He was very upset about being messed with but towards the end of the session he was ok with it. Tomorrow we go back to get some more work done on him.

They decided that Kadyn needs a helmet and it's not for head shaping but for his safty. She said since he likes hitting his head up against things that puting a helmet on him would provide losts of saftey. She said that he won't have to wear it all the time, but mostly when he is in his crib and anywhere he can hit his head off things. So I am pretty excited to get that done. They are also going to get him a new chair since his chair does not do well his his head, although once he has his helemet it may help some. I don't know. The therapist is going to go to his peditrician and get a script and a letter written and all that needs to be done to get these things. I am just wondering if I will have the give the chair back that he has or not. If not I want to donate it to a family in need. Since the chair is very adjustable and they showed me how to do it I could adjust it for them. We will see what the insurance company says.

The weather has truely been messing with Kadyn. He has been very whiney and not himself. He ran a high fever the other day and was just a mess. He pretty much whined and cried all day. Then when he does get very upset, his cry is very high pitched. I checked his shunt and it refills nicely so I am not too worried about it yet. I think it really is the weather change and the snow that we have had along with the rain the other day. I hope he gets better soon. Because he whines all day long, no matter what. I give him Tylenol doesn't cut it. He whines right when he wakes up in the morning, around 2pm he is fine until around 7pm then he whines until around 9-10pm whenever I can get him to sleep. I am confused on what he whines about and what he needs or wants. Since Kadyn can not communicate it's a huge guessing game in which I always lose because these times of the day it seems nothing makes him happy. I sleep maybe 3-4 hours a night and when I go to nap Kadyn wakes up and is just miserable about something. I have tried everything. I don't think it is his shunt because I pressed on the resvior and it refills just nice. (The Neurourgeon nurse taught me how to feel it refil and how to tell if it doesn't)

I am still babysitting Alexa. She is such a funny little girl. Her smile is too cute. I hope to babysit her for while. It's good to have that extra income to get me through the holidays. I have to figure out what I am going to get Kadyn. I have everyone else done but him. He is hard to shop for because he doesn't like toys but the therapist wants him to start liking toys and to start playing with them, so maybe I'll get some toys that make noises when you shake them or what so ever.

Well Kadyn is napping and Alexa isn't anymore so it's time to feed her! :)


Anonymous said...

Does Kadyn have the leapfrog learn and groove maracas? or the Fisherprice ocean wonders fish bowl? I work with a little guy who is not interested in toys but he will play with these two. He justs bats the fish bowl to start the music. The maracas he holds in one hands and bats with the other to start the lights and music.
Kim (I've followed your blog for awhile, Kadyn is adorable!)