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Monday, December 27, 2010


It's suppose to be a wonderful holiday, but this year I just was not feeling it. Even though Kadyn finally stayed home this year, it just wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I think it's because a piece of me was missing this year. My other other being thousands of miles away just didn't help the Christmas spirits. I even forgot my camera and did not take pictures this year, but my mom took some so I'll just have to take hers. Kadyn got many good things and some things he just can't use. Sometimes when Kadyns daddy's side buys toys, I think they think of how much Harvey would like playing with the toy then Kadyn himself, but I am thankful for the wonderful gifts. Kadyn and I had a lazy day on Christmas. Since his Great Papa (Harvey's side) was in the hopsital, great grandma didn't make a ham dinner for Christmas day. I really hope he will get better. So Kadyn and I just laid around, and I had left over Christmas Eve Dinner and Kadyn watched TV and drank his baba's and then we watched a couple movies and went to bed. Although staying asleep is becoming a huge problem for Kadyn. He doesn't sleep anymore than 2-4 hours at a time and then he is awake the rest of the time. So then I am awake also. Sometimes he may have a goodnight where he will sleep through the night. Like since Kadyn has not napped today I am hoping once he goes to sleep he will stay asleep and maybe I'll get some adult time with my friends and go hang out with them.

Kadyn's mood have been a lot better lately. He seems to be adjusting to this winter weather well now. He does get irritated when he is overtired because hue875 09p-;['
24569+-+0[= (that was from Kadyn's foot, I don't think I'll delete it haha) He is over tired because he fights his sleep afraid he may miss something, but I tell him there is nothing he is missing. Tomorrow we will do the same thing, Wake up, have a bottle, no cartoons because my TV broke today :(. But I will turn on some music for some background noise, I'll lay in bed for a little bit more, because if I wake up and move right away I get bad headaches. So I will lay there and enjoy to little bit of silece before Kadyn starts babbling and cooing and talking all day :). Then I will make my breakfast and Kadyn will most likely be on his second bottle but not quite ready to get out of bed yet. Kadyn usually doesn't want out of bed until around 10ish or so. If I get him out anytime before then he will throw a fit until I put him back in his bed. Such a funny little guy. I am not babysitting all week long so I get to sleep past 4am everyday! YAY.

Tomorrow I have to go shopping for Kadyn's secret santa. The Keto Group we are in did it, and for some reason I never got the email about who my secret Santa was, so tomorrow I am going shoppng for him and hopefully sending out the package. I am pretty excited to send it out :).

Harvey should be home end of Feb, well back in the states. Not too much longer now. We are pretty excited. He is going to move into my moms house with me for awhile until we get out own home. I can not wait to decorate! Thats really all I look forward too. I already know what I want in the kitchen and I already know what Kadyn's room is going to be. Harvey asked me if there was one thing I wanted in a home what would it be. I said I don't want an Eat In kitchen. I'd rather have a dining room, and he asked, thats it?? That's all you want? A sunroom would be nice, but that can always be built on. So hopefully we find at least a home with a dining room. My parents have an eat in kitchen and I just never liked it. So hopefully I get my dining room :0). We are finding many houses that are pretty cheap and have some land to them that need little fixing. Of course I don't mind fixing anything up, well Harvey doesn't mind. I am not good at fixing things or even painting. Harvey told me I am not allowed to paint but I can help pick out the colors. I think he is going to get his brothers to help out. I think I am getting ahead of myself with the house thing now :). Haha

The day after Christmas, Kadyn spent it with his Papa (my dad) and My mom and I went out shopping. I found some size 4t Christmas jammies for Nexts years Christmas for Kadyn. They are Mickey Mouse and are perfect. So I picked them up because they were 9bucks for the 2 together. Not bad. ALso got him a new pair of Jammies and me a tank top for the summer. Spent less than 50 bucks on everything. I am a bargin shopper!! My mom was looking for Christmas things, but there wasn't much to chose from anymore. Stores now days don't put out a lot of things. It's sad because I can remember when there used to be a ton of things to chose from. I also got Kadyn some fish for his fish tank that his great grandma got for him. We named them Tuna and Seamore. They are just little gold fish, kinda like the ones you win at the fairs. Cute though.


charmine. said...

So this Christmas for Kadyn was spent at home and not in a hospital that is great!Thank god.Happy holidays.

Kristen said...

Hooray for being closer to the time when Harvey will be back.

Anonymous said...

Though Harv wasn't there babe I'm SO glad he was at home this year. I know it's hard, trust me I know it is but it's another day closer till you're with you're love. You can do this, I know you can. You are the strongest woman I know and hell you're know like 4'9" <3 you bestie

good thing you have a friend who knows what long distance feels like