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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A whole new toddler

Kadyn has been in the best of moods the past few days! Thank goodness! I was so worried for awhile, but now things are looking amazing! Hopefully this Christmas there won't be any hopsital stay. I told Kadyn that it was illegal to go in on Christmas and that he will go to baby jail. Hopefully that works! I am not so excited for the holidays this year, I am more excited for them to be done and over with, more so because I just want Harvey to be home!!!

Tomorrow Kadyn has OT. I am pretty excited for this. They have been doing some awesome things to calm him before they work with him. They put him on the swing to help with sensery issues. Then they work with him on the ball for my sensory and hopefully get him to work some muscles. The therapist said that with Kadyn, in order to be sucsessful you have to take it slow with him and nor force him into anything as he won't ever want to do it. She said slowly introducing new things to him will help him and then eventually moving up on things that will help him more. She said that him being upright may make him feel dizzy and sick to his tummy so we may have to work slowly with him with that as well.

Well, the good thing is Kadyn mood is a lot better. Which I am thankful for :).


charmine. said...

This is great news! Praying for both of you.Merry Christmas!

Kristen said...

I am thankful his mood is better too!

Sounds like you've got a really a good, caring OT. That's great!