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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kadyn Vs Hydrocephalus Round....ehh lost count

So Kadyn is having terrible headaches at the same time everyday. His Tylenol is no longer helping with the pain. So this means no sleep for us. We have a Neurology appointment in the morning and I am going to ask what else I can do to help manage Kadyn's pain. It seems his headaches are more than just weather related and it's getting a big out of hand. He shouldn't have to live in with this pain. So I need to seek treatment, fast and quick!
So tomorrow I will hopefully get a script for pain for my little Kadyn, something a little stronger than Tylenol but not too intense. Also I am begining to think the little seizures Kadyn is having is from pain. Which is possible. Now that the 3 rectal tylenols I gave Kadyn have kicked in, he is happy right now, clapping his hands nad playing. He has had tyenol all day today, and it was sunny outside today. I know when he has a headache by the way his eyes are. If the Nystagmus is bad, or if he blinks alot, even if he hits his head I know to break out the pain meds. I also saw him drink his bottle then hit hiimself in the head with it and throw it across the room. So, I think thats another sign since he began crying right after and giving the bottle back didn't help.


Anonymous said...

I hope he starts to feel better soon and more often. I hate it when he's in pain and I know you do too. did you find anything for him?