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Saturday, December 18, 2010

NO more Seizures

So once I put Kadyn in my bed and slept close to him he had no more seizures. This is different. I don't like how he tells me he wants to cuddle but, I like the cuddle thing. ANyone who has been keeping up with Kadyn's blog for along time knows, Kadyn is very independant toddler, and was as baby too. So I am going to see how he does tonight. I told his grandma that Kadyn won't be coming tonight to stay the night because I didn't want to put her through that nor did I want to chance it right now. She is a little upset because she was looking forward to Kadyn coming over but she understands. I'd be sad too if Kadyn couldn't come over here also! So now I just watch him throughtout the day and see how he does. He still is not eating very well though, but it could be this yucky weather causeing it. I'll just keep my eye on him, record his intake and if anymore seizures and everything else. I've been taking his temp every 2 hours and recording it also. Thankfully it's been normal. I think Kadyn and I are going to cuddle up and go watch a movie now. I got all 3 twilight series movie in the mail today and I can't figure out where they came from, but I'll watch them and thank whoever sent them. :)

I'll update again if anything else happens of course. No news is always good news in my book :)