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Friday, December 17, 2010

Seizures....I don't like you. Just sayin...

May I say, after so long of not having any tonic clonic seizures, Kadyn had 3 partial seizures tonight. They didn't last long and he did not need diastat for them as he came out of them. His color did go blue for a couple seconds right before each seizure ended. When he came out of the first one he went right back to playing like nothing happened, so I brushed it off and continued to play with him. Then it was time for bed so I put him into his bed turned on his music and left the room for a minute to go to the bathroom. He started crying so hard and thrashing around his bed. Although this is the action I was recorded on video tape something told me to pick him up and hold him, so I did. I then decided well, I'll throw in a movie and sit in the TV room and watch it and rub Kadyn feet and legs. Kadyn eventually fell asleep. I decided that I'd just sleep in the chair with him. SO I go to move Kadyn gentally and very little to pull the lever on the chair to make it lean back, it woke Kadyn up and he started a seizure again. I rubbed him and said it's ok honey, it is ok, he came out of it and crashed right back to sleep. The next one was about 2 minutes later when my cat jumped up on the chair and woke up again. So that one last about 15 seconds and was over and he went back to sleep. So I decided that he should go into his bed where nothing can startle him, watch him for about an hour and hope he doesn't have a repeat episode. I have also loged these seizures and if he has anymore this weekend I will be calling Neurosurgary and getting things checked out. Just weird how after so long without having a seizure, and right after his EEG he has one. I really think this is shunt related. I felt his resvior and it was extremly hard to push down, which normally it's a bit squishy and when you press down it comes back up. Well I could wrong.

Well as I was typing this Kadyn had seizure number 4. I told him one more and it's off the the ER we go. Kadyn is now very restless but he is talking a bit. Saying some words. I have the diastat right next to me and ready to go. I think the reason why he is having seizures is because he hasn't been eating. Kadyn is awake now, and I think in order to get him to go back to sleep we are going to have to go cuddle back in the chair, although I am all for cuddleing, just not under these horrible circumstances. Not to mention, Kadyn does not like to cuddle normally. He is a free bird :0). When I laid him in bed I gave him my blankey to cuddle with since it has my scent on it. I thought it might comfort him. I don't think I am going to be able to sleep tonight, so I guess I'll turn on playhouse Disney and watch that along with Kadyn. I am going to try and see if he will just lay in my bed for the night. There is something going on with my baby. Not sure what but something. I checked his temp earlier and he had no fever at all. I am just wondering what is bringing these seizures on and why so many? Also I am wondering if it could be the sugar they gave him in his IV last week when we took him in. I told the nurses no sugar but they put it up anyway. The ER was busy and it's not common for kids to go in there without needing the sugar in the IV when dehydrated. It's a common mistake and was fixed quickly up on the floor.

Since Kadyn is in such a good mood, I am going to try and wait this out until Monday and see. Hopefully he is just having a bad night and tomorrow will look better. Hopefully tomorrow I might get a nap in with Kadyn.

:Edit: We are on number 5 now. I don't want to rush him to the ER but if this continues throughout the morning, I'll have no choice. :(


Kristen said...

I'm going to hop over to facebook from here and see if you've posted any updates on how things went through the night. I am so sorry to hear about the seizures. It makes me wonder too if it could have something to do with the sugar in his IV. He's still on the Keto diet right? And doesn't it require no sugar??