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Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Seizures Last Night

Kadyn had no seizures last night and for the first time in months, almost a year, he slept through the night! I was amazed and just all around excited. Kadyn has been on this weird sleep schedule that I just could not get him off of. HE would go to bed around 8 or 9pm and wake up at 2am on the dot and stay up until 5 or 6am and sleep until noon. Last night he went to bed around 10pm and slept until 9am this morning. He did wake up once in the middle of the night, around 4am, and was up for maybe 5 minutes, then he went right back to sleep. So to me, that doesn't count as waking up! (haha) It was nice to be able to sleep. I am noticing a lot of changes in Kadyn. Like he wants to be held more (fine with me!) He won't eat unless I am holding him. I believe this could be due to me holding Alexa while feeding her. Kadyn used to just want his bottle and be left to eat, maybe talk a little to you and that was that, but now he loves to be held. I am not complaining I love it. Last night Kadyn and I sat through together and watch another movie. It's just weird not having him fight me while trying to hold him. He lays there and touched my face, plays with my hair and honks my nose and then his nose. Sometimes he tries to stick his finger in my eyes or my ears, which I stop him from doing so. He is soo funny! Well I beleive that his seizure maybe of been due to the EEG that he had. I am not sure. That is my best guess. I am just going to report this to his Neurologist this week and see what they say. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of that night ever again.


Kristen said...

Cuddling is the best. How sweet that you and Kadyn are getting to do some of that.

Glad the seizures have ceased. I pray it stays that way.