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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kadyn's Diagnosis finally!

After a month of trying to figure out why Kadyn was so irritable and his siezures starting up again we finally got a diagnosis. Kadyn showed me a sign this morning. Drainage out of his right ear. Yes Kadyn has an ear infection. So I took him to Childrens to get him some antibiotics. Come to find out, it's worse than what I ever thought it was be. Kadyn has Otitis Externa (Outter ear infection, swimmers ear) in his left ear and he also has Otitis Media (Middles Ear infection). HIs right ear though (where the drainage came out of) is not affected. His Left ear and Middle is so badly inflamed from infection that there is no other way out other than the right ear or down the throat. Since he is so congested it started coming out of his ear. Thank goodness that it happened. I am just sad that I never thought of an ear infection. Kadyn ran no fever, and was not pulling on his ears at all. I never even though ear, because Kadyn has only had two other ear infections his whole life. Although Kadyn has 10 more days of Antibiotics 2 times daily, and 10 more days of ear drops 4 times a day he is in good spirits.He is happy go lucky and just a doll. He is a little out of it but he smiles, and plays and is happy. Also Kadyn is sleeping amazingly better. Although I do not use the med at naptime because I don't mind him not taking a nap if I can sleep 7-8 hours a night. So I have been extermly happy I finally decided to put him on this. ALthough it takes about 1-1 1/2 hours for it to kick in for Kadyn I am ok with that. I just give him the med at 7-730pm and he is asleep by 830-9pm and sleeps until 7-8am. :)

Well time to give Kadyn his ear drops :( ugh.


Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you found out what it was! It is so hard with these non-verbal guys...look how long it took us last month to figure out it was Owen's tummy. It's just wonderful when they can feel better and are happy again!

Anonymous said...

Yay! he's getting better :3

That explains everything (i had alot of ear infections as a child, both like he's has. It was hellish :<)

charmine. said...

Poor child! Glad he's in good spirits inspite of all this.

Wendy said...

My little client only used this at bedtime. We all have Melatonin in us and people that travel alot to different time zones sometimes use this to get their body on track to new time zones. Remember it is not a drug but a natural remedy. My other client that I look after gets ear infections quiet often and my son used to get them all the time. He had tubes put in before he was a year old. Same as my one current client as his ear drums were small. His Mom has the ear drops on hand at all times so she does not have to go to doctor's all the time. Not every doctor will give you antibiotics either as there is controversy over the use of all the antibiotics. Your immune system gets used to the drugs and then when you do get sick the same med will not work and then you have to go to a stronger one. Eventually antibiotics won't work for the superbugs hence your body will build up a resistance to them. That is why some doctors will not give oral antibiotics for ear infections. But I am sure you might know this. Alot of my children patients do not go the doctor's alot as they will get sick seeing them with all the other sick patients around. I do not go to hospital unless it is just about a last resort because if you are not sick you will be. Have a great day. Off to bed as I have to work another night tonight.