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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Who is that boy who is always smiling and happy now! Wow Wow WOW! So I have come to the conclusion, I need to automatically stop thinking it's his shunt and nothing else. Being so caught up in the fact that he has a shunt makes me always point the finger at it. Although this time I was 1000% wrong. The poor guy suffered because I didn't think there could be anything else wrong with him! Ear infection is so obvious now that I look back, ok, so maybe it's not. Kadyn never shows the classic signs of ear infection either. I mean why would he, he never shows the classic signs of shunt failure either, or classic signs of flu. Seems the only thing he shows classic signs for are, Colds, and complete and udder happiness and excitment! Other than that nothing. I think it's because Kadyn's pain tollerance is very high. Although I can't complain, this shunt has been good to Kadyn. Very good. Which I am happy for. I am thankful that Kadyn's shunt is going to be good. It's been 9 months since his last revision. Thankfully! I must say even though Kadyn has had many surgeries, I'm thankful that his shunts seem to last quite awhile before failing.

I am truely excited. Although Harvey's leave date got pushed back a few days, I am excited that it's almost here. It's so close I can see it! Jan seems to be kinda just going by slow, but I think it's because I can't do much in the winter. With Kadyn, I don't like taking him out as much. I seem to try to keep him in a bubble I guess you can say. I am just thankful that Kadyn is as healthy as he is. He is 200% better than what the doctors thought he would ever be, and for that I feel blessed!