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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seems my blogging skills are lacking

Not that I ever really had blogging skills. I am a super unorganized person. I hardly ever have anything right where is should be, and laundry is rarly folded nicely. I also procrastinant with everything. I have no idea how I ever made it through highschool. My locker was one huge unorganized mess filled with papers upon papers and booked upon books, change from lunch and a I <3 Harvey sign amongst it all. It seems the older I get the less organized I am. Although I keep things clean, my dresser tops seem to be cluttered with clean bottles, diapers, paper work from the hospitals, picture frames, toys, socks that don't match, and who knows what else. We won't start on my closet. I am so afraid to try and keep up with a house when I can barly keep up with keeping my room organized. I even have some stackable drawers, which have found home to many different little nik-nacks that I am sure i can get rid of. Yet I keep my floor clean and nothing on it. maybe some laundry here and there when I am rushing but other than that it's clean. I never make my bed, nor Kadyn's bed, but always have clean sheets. Oh you should see me cook. I'm all over the place. My meals come out good, but you wouldn't think so. Grocery shopping i am all over the place. When I think of something I go and get it, when I think of somehting that was 2 isles ago and was already down that isle, I go back to get it. I sometimes kick myself for being like this, but I guess since i get the job done, and I know where everything is at, I shouldn't. Right now I should be making Kadyn's formula, but since he is about to fall asleep or so I am hoping before he finishes what he has left, I'm putting it off. I'm telling you I am a mess. I wonder how Kadyn puts up with me. I'll even procrastinate buying diapers until I am down to my last few. I don't like buying diapers. My biggest issue with that is, everyone looks at me and thinks I am 13-16 and when I go to the register to buy diapers they give me like bad looks. I know I shouldn't care but, it gets old after awhile. Sometimes I often wonder if I should buy a beer with them too so I get carded, but how awful would that look! haha.

Kadyn has been doing great. He has been nothing but happiness and laughs. Such a sweet boy he has been. He has had his moment but what child hasn't. Kadyn is now loving his baths again. He has learned that splashin is fun. I think since we have healed up his ear infection that baths are a nice thing for him now. I think the water entering into his ear is what was making baths so painful for him. Thank goodness he can go back to enjoying his favorite activity. When we first put him in the bath he gets a little irritated but then quickly calms down when he realizes there is no pain. He then begins to splash the water out of the tub.

I am still working on teaching Kadyn no. He seems to listen to it more, but I believe he quickly forgets.

For Example: Kadyn loves kicking his crib, I will say Kadyn No. He will stop mid kick, then about 5 minutes later he starts up again until I tell him no again. So I know he knows what it means, I just don't think he is remembering. I'm haveing a hard time trying to get him to remember not to do certain things. It's kind of frustrating but it's understandable with what he has been through.

Good news. Kadyn never did get sick :) I am still hoping he doesn't. It's been over a week and he is still feeling good. I think it's because he was on Antibiotics at the time my mom got the flu. Never been so thankful that he had an ear infection at that time. (haha).

24 more days and we will be a family again <3 :)


Kat said...

I saw your son's videos on YouTube. He is so cute!!! I am not a mom, so I have no idea about these things, but have you thought about ear plugs for him when he takes baths so water doesn't get in his ears? I know I have to wear ear plugs when I go swimming or I get too much water in my ears and can't hear for like, a week, and end up with a bad ear infection!!!

Your son is soo cute and I love his older brother patting him in the videos!! so cute =)

carly said...

Yay I am glad Kadyn didn't get sick! Just a teaching tip, the flu is viral and the antibiotics Kadyn was on treat bacterial infections, not viral infections, so it was something else that kept him from getting the flu :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about disorganization - I bet most of us mom think we're disorganized (I am soo disorganized and always falling behind) but we have to do so much and we worry so much every day about our little ones! Of course, the most important thing is that you love your baby and you get the job done - and you do an amazing job!