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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days!!

Snow Days are nice. I like the snow and I thought the Blizzard was rather beautitful, although Kadyn's shunt didn't like it at all. I think I kept him as comforatable as I could. Thankfully he was able to sleep through most of it. I should of been sleeping as I get Alexa at 4am, but I couldn't help but watch the snow blow everywhere. It was amazing. The aftermath though wasn't Snow is knee deep for me! Although thankfully, my dad was home to snowblow the sidewalks soI didn't have to.

Kadyn is doing good. Since his ears cleared up he has had no more seizures. So I am pretty sure that the seizures were from his ear infections. He is still whiney in the mornings and at night, but I think it's just when he is at his most tiredness. I am just conviced that he does not like the feeling. Wish I could tell him to just go back to sleep in the mornings :). I know I'd like that. Although Alexa ends up waking up soon after Kadyn does. She is the first to nap though! About an hour or 2 later she is ready for a bottle and then a nap. It's NICE! Around this time, Kadyn is ready to rest in his bed and he wants to be left a lone to relax for about a half hour, so it's nice me time for a minute.

It's always nice to know that others understand what you are going through, or agree on certain decisions you make. Yes, I am talking about the shots thing. Although I started with Kadyn's shots, I decided against finishing them. I am glad I did, because The flu he was vaccinated for, had a bad reaction then ended up getting both types of the flu, ontop of the vaccination for the Rota virus, inwhich he ended up getting anyways. So whats the point? Just not worth it. Thankfully, his new pediatrician agrees with me and she also said that she would of done allergy testing on Kadyn before giving him those shots. Thankfully I don't have to worry about any of that.

It's nice to have a break in Kadyn's Health. It's nice that he is a lot better now. His biggest issue right now, chapped lips :). I think I'll take that over anything. If Kadyn would keep his fingers out of his mouth :).


LifeStyle OT said...

I really enjoy following Kadyn's blog! You are an strong and amazing mommy! I sent you a message on youtube to ask you some questions. Please check them out! Thanks :)